Cartoonist Matt Feazell has been creating his comic strip, The Amazing Cynicalman, America’s Laid Off Superhero, since 1980. Now he’s in the process of finishing up a live action film of his comic creation! It has an all-star local cast, and even yours truly makes a couple of brief appearances. Plus it’s got the great Scott McCloud as the voice of Boardman. How cool is that?

Matt asked me to do some matte (Matt?) paintings for him, as well as an animated Powerpoint-like presentation that the evil Dr. Pweent screens to explain his dastardly plot. Here’s some screen grabs:

The first is looking up at Dr. Pweent’s lair. I constructed the model of the tower and added the smoke. Matt added the lettering on the side of the building.

This is one of the slides in the presentation with Dr. Pweent laughing maniacally.

Finally, here’s our heroes, Cynicalman, Lizard Girl, and that might be me standing in for Sean Bieri as Loan Shark!