Decades ago a spunky robot nicknamed Ellie was sent on a mission to a remote planet circling a distant star. It took more than thirty years for her to travel across the vacuum of space before she reached her destination eight light years from Earth. Finally, after years of waiting, the first transmissions from Ellie on Planet X have reached our receivers. Now you can follow Ellie along on her adventures exploring the surface of this alien world as she discovers new life forms and makes first contact with intelligent creatures!



Eternally optimistic, Ellie was constructed at the famed Strang Institute to be our eyes and ears on Planet X. This latest generation of Land Explorers has been programmed to work independently and far from home. So far she has worked (almost) flawlessly, despite her unique personality that developed while watching countless television reruns during her thirty year trip.


The very first Warbling Orange-Crested Quadrapus encountered by Ellie on Planet X, Jeff kind of has his head in the clouds. Even though he’s curious about Earth and its inhabitants, he doesn’t really have a clue.




A ground dwelling Marf from Planet X, Muffin’s a bit of a grouch that wants nothing more than to be left alone. Or so he says. It’s probably not going to happen as long as Ellie’s around though.

We’ll be posting more about Planet X’s inhabitants as we continue to analyze Ellie’s raw data.

A very rare Ellie on Planet X patch worn
by members of the Strang Institute Mission Control.