Here you’ll find some of the extra paraphernalia from the blog that isn’t in the comic, including Fan Art, some Ellie History, plus a few fancy Link Banners, downloadable instructions to make your own Ellie, and other items of curiosity.

Make Your Own Papercraft Ellie!
Just download the pdf file of the pattern and directions. You’ll be exploring extra-solar planets in no time!

The Amazing Ellie On Planet X Dance-O-Scope
See Ellie cut a rug! See Jeff boogie down! See Muffin…do…something.

Ellie Extras
Exciting and fun things extracted from the blog about Ellie and the world famous Strang Institute.

Fan Art
You can be a part too by sending us your own fan art right here.

Reviews and Interviews
Not ones for self horn-tootery, but did you know that Ellie was chosen by Wired Magazine Online as one of the best new webcomics for 2010?




Link Banners

Here are a few link banners which you can use on your own website or blog to help promote Ellie on Planet X (which we thank you heartily for!).

If you don’t see a size you need, let me know and we’ll see what we can come up with for you.