The Strang Institute is going to be on vacation for the remainder of the month.

I know, I know, . . . but there’s long overdue site maintenance, calibration of our new LE 1700 tablet PC on which we draw Ellie’s progress, plus the finishing up of freelance projects and other goodies.

I’ll make a few blog posts over the month to keep you updated with goings on around the Strang Institute during our break. And I’ve got one more special comic post that I’ll share before we shut down. It’ll likely arrive Friday of this week, so stay tuned!

If you get lonely for some comics while we’re gone, please check out our archives, as well as some of the links in the menu up top, especially the Extra! Extra! button. There’s all kinds of fun in there if you haven’t seen it before. And if you have seen all that, here’s a couple of good friends of Ellie that you should be reading:

Tom Dell’Aringa’s winding up his space opera in the next several months and now’s a good time to catch up. He’s a big reason you get to read Ellie’s adventures here as he provided a little push to get her story noticed in the wide world of web comics. Plus, I’m gonna be working on  a special Ellie/Marooned crossover story over the break for his upcoming super compendium.


Denver Brubaker’s Tales Of A Checkered Man is one part Philip Marlowe, one part Adam West Batman, and cool as all git out. If you like your super heroes flawed, you’ll love this.


Not a comic quite yet, but you can follow Jay Fosgitt on his blog as he puts together his newest creation, Bodie Troll, for publication next year. Jay was nice enough to ask me to do a pin up for one of the issues! I’ll be finishing that up during the next month too.  And check the links on the left for more comics – we’ll be updating that list too.

Thanks to all of you for following Ellie, Jeff, and Muffin on their adventures. Have a great holiday season! We’ll be back January 3rd!

Jim Anderson