As impenetrable as we’d like to think that the Strang Institute’s computer system is, there’s always someone trying to break in. This time they appear to have succeeded. Their calling card? A string of spam left in our system about “how to ask for verification of Faxless Bad Credit Payday Loans” and a link to a website in Australia. We have our theories about who would do this and why – there’s plenty of classified information buried deep in our main frame’s memory banks. Right now, however, it’s more important that we track down the breach in our security and stop it.

Dr. Marek Kozak, Chief Software Engineer at the Institute, is entrusted with the job of ferreting out all cyber intruders. But this isn’t just a matter of combing through lines of computer code. He must travel deep down into the heart of the Strang Institute, far below ground, to the very core of the CPU itself.

And he’s dragging me with.