I have a lot of fun drawing Jeff every week, but sometimes he doesn’t come out exactly like I want him to.

He’s got some weird anatomy. Sometimes he’s like an octopus. Sometimes he’s like a seal. Sometimes he’s four-legged and sometimes he has hands that appear in the middle of his chest for no reason. Sometimes he’s about two heads tall (his ideal height, where I’m concerned), but I’ve seen him stretch a little taller and then he looks a little strange to me.

So I picked out what I thought were the best versions of him from throughout the year and made a page I can look at while I’m drawing him. And apparently a lot of those best drawings of Jeff are when he’s eating sandwiches.

I’ll do one of these for Ellie and Muffin too, and maybe for some of the other characters too. I’ll share them when I do!

Click the pic below to bigafy . . .