This week we opened our email here at Mission Control and found this amazing rendition of Jeff by Denver Brubaker, creator of the fantastic comic-noir Tales of a Checkered Man!

And how cool is it that Denver’s drawing depicts Jeff’s sense of smell the same week we’re focusing on one of his other senses? Denver says, “It’s been a long time comin’ but I finally finished my Ellie fan-art! I have had the pencils done on this pic of Jeff for quite some time now, but wanted to wait until I got more comfortable inking with a brush before I took the next step.” Using a brush is no easy feat, but it looks like he’s settled right in. It’s wonderful work and I’m tickled and touched that Denver’d spend so much time putting this together.

So, speaking of taste, go exercise yours by visiting Denver’s tribute to adventure pulps and caped crusaders: Tales of a Checkered Man! And if anyone else has a drawing of Jeff or Ellie, or even Muffin, send them in to, or click on the contact button in the menu bar at the top! We’ll post them right here!