Comic artist and illustrator Vince Dorse and I did a little fan art trade a few weeks ago, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share both with you. Vince is the creator of the Reuben Award nominated (kind of the Oscars for comics) Untold Tales Of Bigfoot! So I decided to sketch up a little illo of his main protagonists, Bigfoot and Scout. He reciprocated with his versions of Ellie and Jeff.


I could go on and say how wonderful Untold Tales Of Bigfoot is, but since it’s nominated for a Reuben, that’s pretty much all you need to know. Vince’s comic tells the story of a lost little dog who accidentally makes a much larger friend. The story’s really just getting started, so get in at the beginning. Below is a little sneak peak at the pin-up I did. Click it to see the whole thing at the Untold Tales Of Bigfoot site. And while your at it, check out Vince’s other illustrative work. It’s fantastic!