Here are a couple of items from the category of things I should have shared already:

First, Ellie on Planet X is currently being re-run at PopPost, a website full of content geared toward girls! She joins a bunch of other great comics you should check out too. Hopefully we can get a whole new buncha eyes to fall in love with our favorite robot explorer.


ChdAtifW0AAwFWb.jpg large


Second, there’s a NEW Ellie story in the works. It’s a short seven page tale called “How The Triple-Crested Phront Got His Triple Crests” and it’s part of an anthology called Cartoon Jam! It’s being put together by the super talented Paul Fricke, creator of Trollords, and features a buncha fun all ages comics by some amazing cartoonists. You can check out the Patreon page to follow Cartoon Jam in progress. Then it’ll soon be moving to Kickstarter to fund the completed project. We’ll keep you posted.



Thirdly, the fancy art at the top of the page commemorates Ellie, Jeff, and Muffin roaming through the Gloomy Grotto from back in October of 2011. The artwork is the cover for one of four Ellie comic books that I’ll have on sale at upcoming convention appearances. I’ll be representing Mission Control next at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival (formerly Kids Read Comics), June 18 & 19. Right now this is the only place you can get them!