Three awesome things to share with you today:

1) You may have noticed that box over to the left that says “One of the SD7”. Well SD7 stands for Space-Dock Seven, a portal for seven fine sci-fi themed webcomics. We at Mission Control are thrilled to be a part of the SD7 relaunch, starting officially today. We’re joining some really amazing comics: Escape from Planet Nowhere, Cleopatra In Spaaaaace, Topaz, Red’s Planet, Gronk, and My Sister, The Freak! Click on the box and discover something new!

2) I09, the spot on the web for all things science and science fiction related, mentioned Ellie on Planet X as one of four must-read webcomics (including The Abominable Charles Christopher, which we LU-U-U-U-V!)!! Thanks to Lauren Davis who has mentioned Ellie several times before! Watch the whole episode below (or skip to the 4:00 min mark to where the comics part starts).


3) Also over there on the left, above the SD7 box, you may have noticed that Ellie’s now on Twitter. Click on the Twitter logo to follow!

I’ve been a bit behind on answering comments, but I’ll get to that asap. Also, Thursday’s comic may not arrive until Friday. More on that later. Thanks for reading!