Salvatore, Transports of Love, by Nicolas de Crecy, is the first of two volumes which tell the struggles of a small dog trying to find his mate who has moved away. However, he goes about his task in an ingenious manner. He trains himself to be a superior mechanic and builds his shop high atop a mountain to keep his privacy. Only the wealthiest car owners come to him to repair their vehicles, which he does, while also relieving them of parts they won’t miss for use in his own special project: a giant land and sea going vessel, the sole purpose of which is to drive/sail from France to Latin America in search of his lost love, Julie. But that’s where it starts. Before Salvatore can even begin his journey he has to obtain the final piece of his mechanical puzzle, which forces him to deal with all manner of peculiar animals. But with his diminutive security guard at his side – a pocket-sized man of questionable intelligence but utmost loyalty, he’s sure to succeed!

I just picked this book up merely to gape at the artwork, but fell in love with the story. It reads like the movie Amelie would if it were a book. And it’s French, so there’s the typical French adult stuff in there too. You can read more about it and the second volume (which I’ll be getting shortly) at this link here.


And if that weren’t enough, it seems Salvatore bears a striking resemblance to my dearly departed dog Jambi, who despite appearing naked here (except for his collar) wore overalls on a regular basis.