Merry Christmas to us here at Mission Control!

Ellie On Planet X has been named one of the Best New Web Comics for 2010 at WIRED Magazine’s online version! Here’s what they had to say:

“Ellie is a charming robot exploring a far-off planet and befriending the very strange inhabitants thereof. The strip’s only been around since June, but the personality just jumps out of every panel and the story has a classic, all-ages approach without feeling like a retread of a newspaper comic. The strip seems to have settled into pretty regular updates, and I hope Ellie lasts at least as long as the Mars Exploration rovers.”

You can find the entire blog post, featuring some other noteworthy web comics as well, right here!

Thanks to Tom Dell’Aringa of Marooned for pointing that out!

Could I use any more exclamation points? I think I can! Wooo!!!