My lovely girlfriend Azucena and I took a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts a while back, and I discovered a sculpture I’d never seen before. For all I know it’s been sitting there all along, but the museum has recently gone through a major redo so it’s very likely it was brought out of storage. It reminded me of Popeye, and since the figure was a rigger, he could very well be considered a sailor man too.

The Rigger
1917 Bronze
Mahonri Mackintosh Young
American, 1877 – 1957


I also saw this painting for the first time. It reminded me of a drawing I did of my grandmother when I was four or five years old. She was holding a little bird on her finger. My mother said the eyes would follow you around the room. Alas, it was lost when my grandmother died. But I sure love this one.

Girl With Yellow Bird
1945 Oil on Canvas
Hale Woodruff
American, 1900 – 1980