Denver Brubaker, creator of Tales of a Checkered Man, is one superlative guy! Not once, but twice did he send Ellie on Planet X some lovin’ in the form of shout outs.  First, on the TGT Webcomics podcast, at about the 1:18:40 mark, he bestows some high praise by including Ellie in with some other fine comics. And then…AND THEN, while Denver was sitting in on the Comics Coast To Coast podcast, he suggested they choose Ellie on Planet X as the Webcomic Pick Of The Week. You can hear that blurb at the 27 minute mark.

So, do us at Ellie Mission Control a favor by visiting Denver’s comic, Tales of a Checkered Man! And visit the two podcast links above to listen to more interviews with other outstanding comics creators.

Thanks Denver (isn’t Denver Brubaker like the coolest sounding name? Like a Colorado version of Indiana Jones? Denver Brubaker and the Mystery of the Golden Retriever, or something. I’d go see that)!