While on a web-surfing expedition some time ago, we here at Mission Control happened across the website of imaginary xeno-naturalist Brynn Metheney. Her project, titled The Morae River, is her personal exploration of an invented world, populated by strange, but strangely familiar plants and animals.


 From her site:

“The Morae River Project started out as an exercise in world building but has grown into a personal exploration in writing, drawing, and evolution. . . I’ve constructed a river and the ecosystems that might exist along it and have begun to make it my own. My effort is to represent the more notable of species to give you an understanding of  . . .  flora, and fauna; to perhaps feel that these organisms are thought out, organized, and studied.”

This personal project has managed to bring Brynn quite a lot of attention and the opportunity to do some creature creation for clients as well. Sadly, she has decided that she’s gone as far as she can with The Morae River, but has a new project starting this fall entitled The Red Valley. We’re looking forward to more interesting flora and fauna to come!