Whatever happened to Rustboy?

I was filling my new bookshelf a few weeks ago and, as what always happens, I start wasting time by leafing through a book I hadn’t looked at in a while. In this case it was Brian Taylor’s Rustboy: Re-animating a Lifelong Dream.

Brian had started his Rustboy short film project some years ago (ten maybe?), and created beautiful looking animation with what was the available software of the day, all on his own. He published his progress on a slick website where he featured preliminary drawings, storyboards, test animations, and even specially composed music. It naturally garnered him quite a lot of attention.

Though the project was never finished, Brian still produced his “making-of” book, as well as some really cool Rustboy vinyl toys (which make me want an Ellie vinyl toy so much. One that has a green light in her torso). I had heard that there was even a children’s book in the works (haven’t seen one yet though).

Here’s some animation from Brian Taylor’s Rustboy for you to enjoy: