Everyone at Mission Control was thrilled when these masterpieces by our good friend Maud (age 7) showed up in our mailbox. Just look at her amazing depictions of Ellie and her buds!

In the next one, below, Maud depicts a few of the many Caterslink species native to Planet X. She even added a few of her own too: The Raspberry Caterslink, the Speedy Cheetah Caterslink (which can reach speeds of 10,000,000 mph!), and the Crazy Caterslink. In Maud’s words, “The Crazy Caterslink’s favorite trick is to use wood putty instead of peanut butter when someone wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich–hee hee!”

And here’s one other drawing she did last year that she’s letting us share with you:

Thank you, Maud!

And if any of you out there have some fan art you’d like to share, please email it to us and we’ll post it right here!