As I mentioned earlier this week, the Thursday edition of Ellie’s adventures will be showing up on Friday. Why? Tonight the entire staff at Mission Control took the night off to attend the premier of Matt Feazell’s live action Cynicalman Movie, based on his long running comic strip of the same name! And since I did some work on it (as well as made a cameo or two) I thought I’d share the design I did for the lair of the evil Dr. Pweent (you can see some animation work I did on the film here).

It’s based on the Detroit incinerator tower, well known in the Motor City for belching junk into the air. Dr. Pweent’s tower resides in the hamlet of Hamtramck (yep, that’s how it’s spelled), where the story takes place. This is the initial sketch I drew, based on Matt’s instructions.

The design changed slightly, and then, with my meager 3D modelling skills, I created the computer model and inserted it into stills from the movie. Special effects were later added like blinking lights and belching smoke.

And here’s some awesome Cynicalman trivia for those of you in the know: the voice of the character Board Man (who is actually a wooden board) is played by none other than Scott McCloud. Yeah, that Scott McCloud! There’s your name dropping for the day.

See you here tomorrow for the next installment of Ellie!