The Strang Institute is closed today for Memorial Day here in the U.S.A. – which is why there wasn’t a new installment from Ellie this morning. She’ll be back on Thursday this week. Meanwhile, I wanted to share a few things going on for Kids Read Comics, an upcoming comic event at the Ann Arbor District Library on June 22 and 23. I’ll be representing Mission Control there and will have a few things Ellie related to sell, like comics, buttons, and prints. Right now this will be the only place to get your Ellie swag (until the Institute gets an online gift shop set up).

First, here’s the bookmark I designed, featuring a new interpretation of this event in Ellie history:


Next, I’m putting together a little manga-sized sketchbook inspired by the cool sketchbooks that Chris Sanders does. Hopefully these will be ready on time as I’m still finishing it up. Here’s a spread of Ellie related stuff, but there’ll be a whole variety of fun things to look at inside.


Finally, I made up this fancy banner to hang behind the booth!


Lastly, don’t forget! You can still have your kids vote for Ellie On Planet X for Favorite Webcomic at the Kids’ Comics Revolution Awards! The winners will be announced after the Kids Read Comics event next month!

Thanks for reading and Ellie will be back on Thursday!