Like anyone else, I suppose, I crave acknowledgment and praise.When you throw something to the wall for everyone to see there’s a big fear that people will see the flaws and confirm what you believe to be true about your work. But conversely, occasionally, you’re lucky and those people see something they like. And better still, they let you know.

I opened my laptop this morning to find a really well thought out review for Ellie on Planet X. Enosh, a blogger at Faceplant , has managed to explain (even to me) just what it is that I do and why I do it. Although, admittedly, much of what seems attributed to clever writing and subtlety is more likely the result of luck and the inability to craft gut splitting social commentary. But mostly, with Ellie, I try to skirt the line between childhood imagination and an adult pragmatism. Enosh gets that and I’m deeply appreciative.

There’s a quote by one of my favorite artists, Joe Sorren. I couldn’t find the exact quote, but it’s something along the lines of, “If you delight yourself, others will be delighted.” It feels good to know that I’ve made a few people smile. And knowing that, you’ve made me smile too. Thank you everyone for coming along on the expedition!

These are some drawings of Jeff’s and Muffin’s skulls done years ago when Ellie on Planet X was going to be something else. Ignore the obvious mistakes in anatomy.