‘Twas my birthday yesterday and as a gift my lovely girlfriend created this incredible portrait of the Strang Institute’s favorite mascot, Bijou! I’m sure to tout Azucena’s incredible works of artistry more in the future (especially once we get her a website up and running). This piece is water soluble crayon on slate and perfectly depicts Bijou’s personality – she owns the place. El Alacrán, by the way, is Spanish for the scorpion.

In the fable of the Scorpion and the Turtle, the Turtle carries the Scorpion across a river on the promise he won’t sting her. When he does anyway, dooming them both, the Scorpion responds to the Turtle’s cries of “Why” with, “Because it’s my nature.” Such as it is with Bijou. Still, she’s an amazing and smart dog. If ever there was a candidate for canines with self-awareness, she would be it.

Note: I probably won’t have a comic update for tomorrow due to deadlines, birthdays, and other equally important events. I will, however, post something! Ellie, Jeff, and Muffin will return on Monday. Thanks!