We’ve been known to attempt a poetical waxxing from time to time, but for some really fun wordplay, check out The Daily Rhyme. Scott Emmons’ rhymes are about everything, including current events, junk food, Harvey Pecar, Betty Crocker, and even extrasolar planets. And they’re always funny. There’s some adult language and themes smattered about, so be forewarned.

Here’s one I liked:

Beware of Beast

I want a chupacabra.
It would be the coolest pet!
Though admittedly they’re ugly,
They’re low-maintenance, I’ll bet!
It would feed on unsuspecting goats
Or now and then a cow,
So I’d never have to spend a buck
On Chupacabra Chow!
It would mostly stay in hiding
When it wasn’t busy biting
And would often go a year or more
Without a single sighting.
It could keep those politician types
From blithely dropping by.
You can keep your dogs and kitties.
I’m a chupacabra guy!