Here’s a few Ellie related items from around about the internet.

First, although we’ve been posting Ellie’s transmissions since June of 2010, it’s really only been about a year since we made what might be called a press release. And only then due to the insistence of Tom Dell’Aringa that I do a guest comic for his wonderful sci-fi adventure Marooned. After threatening to send his fans our way it was decided that it might be best for us to clean the place up a bit.

Tom has also been beyond kind with his promoting of Ellie’s adventures. He recently donated some unused advertising space on his site for Ellie and some other comics, and even went so far as to list Ellie on Planet X among some other great comics that he can’t do without. So, thanks Tom! Ellie salutes you!

And B) The folks at Webcomic Alliance, a resource for makers of comics on the web, were kind enough to choose Ellie on Planet X as their webcomic pick of the week!

So there you go!