Rounding out our three week guest comic cavalcade is today’s strip by Denver Brubaker, writer and drawer of Tales of a Checkered Man! For those not in the know, TOACM is a cross between a Philip Marlowe P.I. story and Batman, kinda, but funny and touching and full of incredible artwork. I’ve thought Denver was an amazing cartoonist and writer when I met him a few years back (he used to live nearby Ellie Mission Control), but over those last few years he’s just skyrocketed. Just take a look through his archive, as well as the huge number of sketchcards he’s put out recently in his store. And I can’t forget to mention that soon you’ll be able to get the Tales of a Checkered Man in book form too!

Don’t forget, I’m coming back from my self imposed exile/working vacation on Monday! I hope I can match up to the fantastically talented folks who’ve been sitting in for me. Thanks again to Don Ahé, Paul Fricke, Christopher Baldwin, Jay Fosgitt, Tom Dell’Aringa, and Denver Brubaker. You guys amaze me!