Today’s stupendous one panel comic was sent completely without my even asking from amazing artist Jay P. Fosgitt (who has one of the best cartoonists’ names, btw)!

Jay is the creator of a whole bunch of stuff, but most notably Dead Duck, an adultish comic about a…well…a dead duck and his compadre, Zombie Chick, who collect the souls of the recently deceased. It’s goofy fun. And most recently, he’s doing a comic called Bodie Troll, which you can read about on his blog. The first issue is due out any day now (I think) and I’m geeked to see it – partly because Jay’s a super talented storyteller and illustrator, but also because I did a one page pin up/strip for him that appears in the issue. I can’t wait to snag me a copy!

Just a reminder, I’ll be back from my little hiatus on the 22nd of April. I’ve still got a couple more incredible guest strips to share with you, plus some extra Ellie pin ups by some of my fellow comicking friends.