In case, dear reader, you weren’t aware, the Strang Institute CPU was hacked a week back (see the last two installments here and here) . With the help of Dr. Marek Kozak, we were able to find the source of the hacking, but not before international hacker supreme, The Kangaroo Rat, was able to make off with some of our closely held scientific knowledge.

We’re not sure who The Kangaroo Rat was working for and it’ll be some time before we can determine exactly what information she swiped. Professor Strang, founder of the Institute and the man responsible for sending Ellie to Planet X, had rivals in his time. It’s possible they’re still seeking to learn his secrets. We may have to deal with them some time in the future.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kozak is working on beefing up the CPU security and can’t stop talking about The Kangaroo Rat. I think he’s got a crush.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Ellie broadcasts on Thursday!